Range of Services

CEVA Car Carrying provides services to a wide range of individuals and companies who need to move vehicles throughout Australia. From our strategically located depot locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Townsville, Canberra and Alice Springs, we are able to move vehicles almost anywhere. Our service is tailored to the needs of our customers with a focus on reliability and quality handling second to none.

CEVA has produced stringent tie-down procedures that ensure that the quality of the customer product is not at risk of damage whilst in-transit. Our over the wheel tie-down system eliminates damage to undercarriage of vehicle. It allows the vehicle to move using its own suspension yet remains secure. This system was pioneered by CEVA.


Our standard service provides collection of the vehicle direct from the customer on an open trailer. Long distance transport is carried out on one of our professionally equipped car carriers with many of our longhaul routes utilising cartainers. These fully enclosed containers have been specially designed for the safe transport of passenger vehicles, by rail.


When pickup and/or delivery times and dates are important, our priority express service ensures that your vehicle is given priority attention - Guaranteed.


Premium Enclosed

For maximum protection, our Express Enclosed Carriers provide full protection from the outside environment. This eliminates the risk of stone chips and pilferage while in transit. Note: Vehicles needing local pickup or delivery are transported in an open trailer.

Motorsport & Luxury Vehicle Transport

Unique to CEVA, our Racing And Prestige Transporter (RAPT) allows vehicles to be loaded/unloaded horizontally from ground level without the use of ramps. This service is designed for race cars and prestige vehicles. The RAPT is fully enclosed for ultimate protection.


Not only do we look after your favourite car, but we can also take care of your favourite motor cycle. We offer the same services as we do for vehicles - the logistics are just a little different.

Storage & Processing

CEVA provides a range of specialist services including vehicle storage and processing. Our services include the basic storage of vehicles for private customers to a comprehensive range of processing services for vehicle importers (de-waxing, compliance plating and accessory fitment).

Automotive Film Production Support

CEVA manages the logistics associated with vehicles used in the production of vehicle commercials for a number of Australian production houses. Understanding the need for confidentiality, CEVA is able to offer dedicated drivers and vehicles for the duration of the production.

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