Corporate Sustainability

We believe in the principles of corporate sustainability and operate accordingly. Corporate sustainability is an increasingly important issue as companies become more aware of the need to create positive links with society at large. Environmental friendliness is of course the first association one might think of, but although this aspect continues to be vitally important, true corporate sustainability goes far beyond reducing pollution or switching the lights off when you leave the office.

For an organisation to be sustainable, it has to reach out to the world beyond itself. Just reducing its own impact on the environment is no longer enough. That's why CEVA Logistics Australia aims for corporate social responsibility as well. We can all help, whether as individuals or as an entire organisation.

Our employees around the world use their skills to help good causes, while our global logistics expertise was put to good use for example in bringing supplies to victims of the 2004 tsunami and the 2006 Indonesia earthquake.

We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible organisation in all aspects of our operations, whether internal or external. Our Investors in People programme promotes staff development, while our ISO 18001 and AS 4001 Health and Safety Programmes aims to ensure their well-being.

Social responsibility and corporate sustainability fit in with our drive to become an excellent organisation in every sense.

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