Every vehicle, everyday

With a heritage of servicing prestige brands to the every day family car, we are the preferred carrier for most major removal companies. Since most of our cargo is valuable no matter brand or model we are proudly an associate member and major supporter of the Australian Furniture Removers Association.

Industrial strength; luxury finesse

We proudly cater to the luxury market, so if you�re looking for that extra special service for your luxury or motor sport vehicle, we offer specially designed luxury transporters with tailgate loaders.

We have longstanding relationships with leading motor vehicle companies such as BMW, HSV, Jaguar, Landrover and Porche among others and many prestige car dealerships.

CEVA has over 40 year experience in Australia in vehicle�logistics and car carrying, offering a variety of services to cater for a variety of customers, from motor vehicle importers, to motorsport enthusiasts, to families embarking on fly-drive holidays. Our relationships are longstanding with leading motor vehicle importers and prestige car dealerships, and we also actively service the auction, finance and second-hand vehicle transport market.

Our fleet: more than just a truck

At CEVA, we take as much pride in our fleet as we will in taking care of your car. We have a modern fleet of specialised car transporters and have earned a strong reputation for personal service and quality handling second to none.

Quality Accreditation and Certification

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