Welcome To CEVA Logistics - Web Services

CEVA Logistcs - Web Service is comprised of an array of customised supply chain technologies that enables us to effectively manage complex supply chains needs of our customers.

Supply Chain Solutions

CEVA Logistics designs and executes logistics activities across the entire supply chain. These include inbound logistics, manufacturing support, outbound logistics and distribution, as well as the aftermarket services for spare parts and returns.

We challenge the way our clients operate in order to create a leaner operation with a better bottom line.

Our supply chain designers and experienced operations staff analyse the entire supply chain, from the time our clients order raw materials to the moment they deliver an end product.

Track and Trace

Track and Trace is an important part of our supply chain solutions.

It provides a platform for our partners to access real-time information about the consignment. The information is provided to our supply chain partners via customised view.

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